Frequently Asked Questions

The Boogaloo Bois (Boys) or any associated group, are North American civil liberty advocates focused on sending the message that Americans are growing tired of actions against the interest of liberty and in violation of our constitutional rights. Where most people grow tired, some people grow tired enough to generate a call to action. We are a response to that call to action. All 50 States have in some capacity an active chapter of any number of Boogaloo factions.

The Boogaloo Movement is made of various factions that work together for the good of the entire movement. There are estimated to be over 200 separate factions, but the largest of these are the United States Boogalier Corps. at over 5,000+ members nationwide and The Redacted Republic with around 800 members.

During the war in Vietnam, young soldiers would pass the time on the coastline by surfing. Most of these soldiers being Americans would wear traditional surfer wear which included Aloha inspired shirts. In the event of a sudden attack on the position, it would be difficult or impossible to change back into proper fighting attire, thus these young men would fight with their combat armor on top of a floral short and would often be wearing shorts with flip-flops or sandals if they could not get their boots on.

This legend has inspired the Hawaiian Shirt underneath combat armor and is a very effective way for us to be identified in the field. If any combat were to happen, we would be able to avoid firing on one another due to the visual cue of a Hawaiian shirt. It also is a way that we can break or join into groups. Particular styles of shirt can be used to identify particular teammates.

It is our goal, ultimate purpose and unending duty to ensure that all people of any age, gender, gender identity, skin color, sexual orientation, political affiliation, nationality or other human attribute can live in a nation that can be accurately described as having "Liberty And Justice For All" unconditionally. Until the status of Liberty and Justice for All is met, there will be work to do and even after that condition is met, there will be work to preserve that condition until it is impossible to preserve even life itself.

We pride ourselves on envisioning an America where you will not be targeted due to the color of your skin or the conditions of your heritage. We wish for attributes that make up your humanity and are out of your control to stop defining your status as a pseudo-secondary citizen of this country. We envision a country where you cannot be punished for crimes that have no victim and if punished for a crime, you are punished justly and do not risk death before you can even state your case in front of a jury.

In other words, human unity, liberty, justice, prosperity and non-discriminatory day-to-day life are the core values of our movement.

We are sending a message that we will not stand for any tyranny to step in and impede our human right to be free and our constitutional right to be armed.  We are also demonstrating that you can be armed in public or at an event without needing to use your weapon.  You can keep peace through deterrence rather than force just as effectively as through force.  The right to be armed is not the right to shoot or to kill.  It is the right to be prepared to defend yourself in the event that a threat shall present itself.  That threat may be a person, a group or a government.

On only four occasions has the movement in its entirety been the subject of an interview for any reason. Where Mainstream goes on and on about rhetoric which they are not sure of, they have but only three times gotten word of who we are or what we are about from an informed source.

We have only been interviewed by The New York Times, NBC's Nightline, 60 Minutes and Norway's TV2.

Surrounding each of these limited interviews were additional scraps of rhetoric and fiction describable as only lousy, inept journalism and pure speculatory, hysteric drivel. In short, it's bullshit. It is uninformed and built on faulty logic paired with the actions of two people whom we have dismissed and condemned since the day of the attacks. For those unaware, we are referring the the Justus and Carrillo attacks against Oakland, CA law enforcers in mid 2020.

As per the statement on the United States Boogalier Corps website, we condemn and take no responsibility for the attacks conducted by Robert Justus and Steven Carrillo in Oakland, California.  We are appalled and troubled by the brutality of the attack which had absolutely no cause and was just plain senseless and unnecessary.

Upon our investigation into the attack, we found that nobody within any faction of our movement had any contact with Justus or Carrillo prior to or at the time of the attack.  Nobody could say they knew who these men were or knew what they could be up to.  They seem to have been what we call Lone-Wolf Accelerationsists.   Defined, that term applies to people who commit to unnecessary acts of abhorrent violence for the sake of causing tension to enact revenge on their community, alleviate the pressures of an unbearable patriotic rage, give up on managing themselves during a personal crisis, or escalate a conflict to engage in; falsely interpreting our cause as meaning to engage a civil war or conflict of any kind.

We frown upon this practice and we do our due diligence to detect and prevent these atrocities from occurring with a fair level of success.

African Americans
We are very supportive of the African American communities in our areas.  There are African American men and women within our movement.  People are people.  Their skin color should not have to be a prerequisite for them to live a life with guaranteed freedom and should not be a yes/no status for discrimination.  We are entirely opposed to racial bigotry or any bigotry for that matter.  We certainly do not allow that kind of bigotry to exist in our movement.  Our communities flourish because of their contributions to our communities.

Hispanic Americans
Same deal.  They are people, they are friends and they are family.  Hispanic Americans easily make up at least a third of the people in our movement.  There are no exclusions to freedom.  We continue to be open to our friends from all walks of life.

It does not matter what your sexuality is.  You are free, and the freedom to love whoever you desire to is no exception  It is a trait that makes you unique and that makes you stand out from your peers.  We have a significant presence of LGBTQ people in our movement; some in leadership who are making the call for equal treatment as they so deserve.  Our concept of Liberty applies to all people, which is a sentence I am sure has been typed in some form over 100 times on this website.  It deserves all of the emphasis it can get.

Absolutely not.  We take extreme care to find and eliminate any calls to violence or calls to cause harm.  Because we are an inclusive group, we attract people who might not know our core values or who have the wrong idea about what this movement stands for.  We elevate issues to all members of our community and they do a very good job of educating people who are confused about this movement's goal.  

Those who continue to call for violence or to cause harm are disassociated.  We also keep an eye on them and are willing to warn others of the possibility that the individual in question is a significant danger or has plans to cause an atrocity.  Since we stand to reduce the risk of violence and harm in exchange for liberty and a peaceful human existence, we will stop this individual by any means necessary if they are on our radar as a problem.

Short Answer: No. Turn Off The TV and Come Talk To One Of Us.

This is another example of mainstream media creating a laughably out-of-touch narrative. The Boogaloo Movement has never expressed any interest in or intent to cause or start a second American Civil War. Claims like this are based off of the ramblings and ravings of a lunatic that are taken at face value and believed by gullible people. By disregarding the context of reality and inserting a context that tells a narrative-specific version of reality, facts are misconstrued into a running claim that is hard to deny due to repetition.

This repetition of bullshit has caused damage because a narrative has spun widely out of control and snowballed into a false perception that we are a threat to people and authority. Because people believe that this frivolous accusation is reality, we have been denied the right to speak or appear under the threat of arrest or harm. For desiring to spread a message of unity, liberty and our American freedom, we have been labeled as a terrorist organization only due to the corrupted public influence of mainstream media. Attempts to assure people that our message is purely diplomatic are met with criticism and threats of repercussion, which is a miniature version of the reason that we have this goal in the first place.

Because we cannot do this in a normal way, we must take drastic action and arm ourselves to preserve the rights that we are guaranteed. As you can guess, this causes a further narrative to claim that we desire to cause a Civil War, which is of course another massive wild accusation based on the manipulation of the context that is explained above.

Our movement is and always has been for the cause of preserving and defending Liberty and Justice For All. To be any kind of supremacist is in stark contrast to our goal and cause. We deeply condemn and will go out of our way to oust and ridicule white supremacists who attempt to meddle with our movement or the people within it.

To that end, we make this statement official. Any and all people of any and all colors, creeds, cultures and backgrounds are welcome here with open arms. You are family.

Your skin color does not matter to us. You are a brother or a sister to us regardless and we would do anything to protect you from harm and preserve your liberty as a free person in our nation. That previous sentence is the gist of our stance on this issue. More specifically, we view supremacy of any heritage, color, creed or gender to be a foolish waste of time in the eyes of our end goal and motive. We are active in watching for signs of any kind of supremacy in our movement and will be swift to correct it or remove it.

At the end of the day, you are entitled to your opinion, but if your opinion gets in the way of your judgement and your ability to do what you need to do for this cause of liberty, you are no good to us and are dismissed. You're free to think however you like and we can't stop you. You have the liberty to think that way, but we'll be damned if we will let it infect the image we wish to project and the goal we wish to achieve.