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Free Speech Guarantee

When we say Free Speech is Free Speech, we mean it very literally. As such, we imply:
  • All speech is free speech, regardless of its content, tone, popularity, controversy, connotation, bias, motive, intent, satirical value, consequence, opinion, factual weight, etcetera.
  • “Hate speech” is a subjective construct used to mark down and undermine speech in opposition to a viewpoint or offensive in nature.
  • Due to the overuse of the term “Hate Speech”, the term is useless, and has no impact on the description of speech on this network.
  • Although violent or hateful speech is troublesome to most, it is still speech and is protected by the constitution and by our policies.
  • Freedom of Speech has no exceptions, caveats, states of being, exterior or interior obligations, terms, conditions or any other form of dependent criteria.
  • No person, entity or forces other than nature and death may impede or suspend the Freedom of Speech for any reason.
  • Tree of Liberty will not act upon content deemed to be “Offensive”, “Troublesome”, “Hateful”, “Controversial”, “-phobic” or any derivative of justification on this network.

This definition of free speech does not exempt clients from complying with the other policies discussed on this page.

Mission Statement

Like a tree, the Internet has many branches, a system of roots and yields a variety fruit.  The Tree of Liberty bears sweet and fulfilling fruit for all, unconditionally.  The branches spread far and wide to feed the starving, weary or those under siege from tyrants who wish to make them cower and comply under the threat of death.

Stoically shall we stand defiant of the changing world around us to offer all people a place of refuge from the fires of hell which target our freedom.  Never shall we let up in our efforts to amplify the voices of Liberty spoken so loudly under the cover of our branches.



ToL Does Not Moderate Client Websites

Administrative action by Tree of Liberty is for serious matters only.  We are 100% feedback driven.  Any complaint received is reviewed and forwarded if necessary.  Significant issues are addressed according to these policies.

In order to minimize the limits placed on our clients, Tree of Liberty does not moderate the content on websites that we host.  We defer that responsibility to the client so that we can keep our Free Speech Guarantee.

Any complaints that we receive are forwarded to the client as often as daily, and as periodically as weekly.  That is so that the client can make content decisions and respond as required to feedback.

By deferring the responsibility to the client, we avoid the conflict of limiting that client and restraining their liberty to speak freely and uninhibited.

With an exception to specific policies mentioned in the next few slides, Tree of Liberty does not act upon content feedback or monitor websites for infractions.  That is the client’s role.  Our only responsibility is to keep the site online and to keep it secure.

Keep Your Support Key PRIVATE Yet Available

To keep your website free from access except for by you, we have issued all clients a 25 character support key.  It is your responsibility to keep it secure.  Without it, we cannot render you ANY support whatsoever.  Failure to produce your support key will result in an inability for us to do any service on your behalf.

If you lose your support key, there is nothing we can do.  If we cannot verify you, we will not render any support to you for safety reasons.  We cannot confirm your email actually came from you without your support key.  We cannot confirm that a call is coming from you without the key either.

There is not a process to re-issue a lost key.  Keep it secure and available always.

Evidence of Sexual Abuse is Prohibited

Any video, photograph, text description or other depiction of sexual abuse of any person or animal is strictly prohibited network wide. In addition, we will assist in bringing justice to those impacted by sexual abuse.  The specific manner in which we do so will be case-by-case.

Any transmission of such content will result in an immediate termination of your service.

We have a moral responsibility to protect the rights of all people.  In the case of animal abuse…why?!  People have the right to be treated with dignity and respect socially and physically.  As such, we do not permit this content or behavior, and vehemently oppose it personally, and as a network.