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Packaged Websites

To get started quickly, you can choose between three of our common feature packages.
This is our Budget/Intro Package

This package is designed for simple web pages, landing pages, points of contact and sites which may serve up to 3 simple tasks.  It’s best uses could be to establish an online business card or lead to other resources.  It might even be used as a small blog or news feed.

This is our Common Package

This package is designed for moderately populated web pages, blogs, aggregations and sites which may see moderate traffic or serve several purposes.  It might have a storefront on it with products for sale and serve decent social traffic.  There are many uses for this package.

This is our Enterprise Package

WDT stands for “Whole Damn Tree.”  This package is designed for complete web pages, social portals, resource libraries and sites which may host a business and serve heavy traffic.  It has no caps and might even be staffed by the client’s web development team.

All Tree of Liberty Web Packages Come With a FREE DOMAIN and SSL Certificate registered for one year!


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