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To provide an affordable, reliable, unrestricted platform for the expression of any person or group of people with a focus on legitimate Freedom of Speech, Freedom of The Press and Freedom of Expression in all manners or contexts presented or implied in any scenario imaginable.

*To claim your hardship assistance benefit, you must already be a client with Tree of Liberty, and must be in good standing. You do not need to prove your need for assistance, but if there is reason to believe that your claim might be ingenuine, then verification may be required. Frequent claims may also be subject to verification requirements.

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How Do We Differ From Other Hosts?

Our Free Speech Guarantee

We have a very strict policy in place to protect your freedom of speech.  Every client on our network who utilizes our services is well within their right to say whatever they want in reference to anything they want, about whomever they want and in any way that they want.

We do not have policies that govern acceptable speech or “safe speech/hate speech”.  Any thing that you say is fair game.  Whether you’re criticizing people, politicians, social happenings or current events, we will never shut you down for practicing your right to say it.

When Tree of Liberty inevitably receives a complaint about your site, we review it and will forward it to you for your consideration.  We do not act upon complaints.  We allow you to do what is best for your website concerning your speech and what is in the interest of your readers.

This is our guarantee, because this is how it is meant to be.  Whether its letting you speak your mind or protecting your site from threats that wish to stop you from publishing, we have a team of people dedicating our time to ensure you can speak freely and post often.

Assistance During Hardship

We’re not here to make money or acquire prestige.  We’re here to provide an industry-defining place for your thoughts and ideas to be seen by whoever needs to see them.  We want to provide an example to other hosts the world over that there is more to offer than domains and bandwidth.  We offer a place for your rights to be considered valid and for your publication to be safe from censorship and moderation.

We also want to let you know that we care.  We will step up for you to defend your site from threats both legal and digital, and help you through a tough time out of pocket.  If you can’t pay for service, we will eat the cost and help you out.  We have been there.  We understand it.  We’ll help you through it.

Additionally, if you need anything else other than what we have discussed here, we will be glad to help you find it or offer it to you.  There really is nothing better than knowing that you have a community here, and that they will do anything for you if you ask.

A Liberty-Focused Network

The worst offenders in the hosting industry use bits and pieces of other networks to make up their own.  They use storage by Amazon, DNS by GoDaddy, caching by Google, or some other combination of such.  That is not only wildly insecure, but it allows those companies to see what you’re doing, meddle with it and shut you down.

In the worst case scenario, they may even report you to authorities and drum you up on bullshit charges without your knowledge.  Nothing says “great hosting service” like ghost warrants.  Fuck that music..

We have 100% of our network in house, under our guard and using software which has been developed or procured for our use.  This makes things much faster, much safer and much more reliable.  Instead of depending on another party’s uptime, we have direct control of uptime and will not run the risk of extended downtime out of our network.

Every server on our network is part of our home-lab data center.  Every single domain is brokered through us using a reliable registrar solution in order to get the lowest price possible.  Every website is brought to life by our hosting engineers and provisioned by Tree of Liberty’s web staff directly according to your specifications.  Traffic is served through our 14GB/s up and down enterprise connection to ensure that everything is lightning fast when your viewers request it from their browser.

Competence and Experience

This network is staffed by volunteers who are veterans in the industry with a wealth of technical knowledge spanning over a decade.  Most of us know how other hosts operate; some having worked in their offices or datacenters, and have spent a considerable amount of time making the process more cost efficient offering more resources in more inexpensive packages.

We have learned from the mistakes made by these mega-hosts and have engineered solutions to the most common problems encountered.  The result is a network with clear support channels, 1-on-1 support, easy billing without automation and staff available to walk you through basic and complex issues related to your website.  The best method of fixing problems is to stop the issue that causes the problem ahead of time, which a mega-host has issues with despite all of their best efforts.

We also have our storage doing backups after every major change automatically, and a database system which replicates each time it makes a backup between 3 on and off-site locations.  basically, we aren’t losing shit and if a catastrophe were to occur, we can have you up and running often before you even notice that the site ever went down.

Client Testimonials

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