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Looking for General Policies Instead?

Who We Are

Tree of Liberty is a branding, hosting, fundraising and overall logistics solution for advocates of a variety of civil rights causes, including the right to bear arms, the right to protest the government for the redress of grievances and the fight for a federal government that minds its boundaries. We are pioneers in the fight against tyranny which has made itself clear in the United States and her allies.

Tree of Liberty is also a competitor in the web hosting industry that offers an environment free from interference present in other hosting providers. By cutting out all of the middle-men, we have eliminated threats from up the chain that threaten service with needless policies and over-sensitive standards. By doing so, our clients and users have maximum flexibility and unrivaled digital freedom while using their website.



When visitors leave comments on any Tree of Liberty hosted websites, we collect end user information from the browser, but we intentionally scramble the IP address and any significant identifying information of the visitor or user. The reason that we do this is to keep users secure in the event of any intrusion. If the user information is scrambled, it cannot be used by an attacker against our user, or draw any temptation to abuse our clients or visitors from unruly or disgruntled members of staff.

An anonymized string created from your email address (also called a hash) may be provided to the Gravatar service to see if you are using it. The Gravatar service privacy policy is available here: After approval of your comment, your profile picture is visible to the public in the context of your comment.



If you upload images to the website, you should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. Visitors to the website can download and extract any location data from images on the website.

Uploaded files, usually images are used in conjunction with feedback and other direct contact which are collected from various contact forms. This media is usually detailing a technical issue or a content concern/complaint and is used to review the concern or complaint before immediately being discarded.

Generally, any media which is not used in the makeup of the website is viewed and immediately deleted. We send no media to third parties, and any uploaded media is unsearchable/undiscoverable by search engines. All media sent alongside a contact form is viewed, and deleted when no longer required.




Tree of Liberty does not utilize cookies.

We do not have a use for cookies, and we therefore do not use them for any purpose. Any cookies in use in conjunction with our website are browser-side, and do not interact with any site service or content. They may be derived from ad-blocking plugins or other active web-hooks or API used by your browser.


Embedded content from other websites


We do not use embedded content.

If we reference any information from any other website, we will do so by referencing the site via hyperlink, and add attribution. This means that we will use our own format and media template when handling external resources. This allows us to control pingbacks, and deny permission for sniffing cookies to collect user data sitewide as part of our Privacy Commitment.


Who we share your data with


Nobody. Tree of Liberty does not share data.


How long we retain your data


We retain data for as long as it is in use.

Any collected data is held by Tree of liberty for as long as it is required. As soon as this data is no longer useful, it is deleted. We do not log data, store data or transfer/share data. We do this in order to minimize the risk of data interception. Despite sitewide safeguards, intrusion is always possible. For that reason, we delete unnecessary data permanently.



Please ensure that any site that you visit is able to be trusted and only collects as much data as it needs to render service to you. We are not responsible for handling collected data from ToL hosted websites, nor do we enforce any policies on this concept. It is solely their decision and to their discretion.


Responses to Law Enforcement Investigators


Tree of Liberty does not co-operate with Digital Law Enforcement (DLE) programs.

It is our firm belief that Law Enforcement does not consider the liberty, freedom, expression or accurate intent of the people that they claim to serve. For that reason, we proudly and stoically refuse to cooperate with all DLE programs and initiatives.

We do not believe that Law Enforcement has the right to evaluate your data, our data or the data of your/our customers, clients or visitors without a reasonably justified warrant filed in good faith. Additionally, we will review this warrant and follow up with all affected persons before complying, if it is decided that we will comply at all.

We are not Anti-Law Enforcement, and we do not harbor ill-will to agencies that are tasked with enforcing their jurisdiction’s laws. Our interactions with Law Enforcement are non-voluntary and will almost always involve investigative bodies. We will always side with our clients, customers, visitors and affiliates over Law Enforcement. We are within our right to protect your data, our data, our equipment and our network from illegal search and seizure by any means necessary.


What rights you have over your data


You have every right to your data, and have a right to see what data we have collected from you.

The only way that Tree of Liberty can collect data is for a user to volunteer data through forms on the website. If at any time you do not wish to volunteer data to the website, it is your decision to refuse to fill out any form. All forms are optional, and some data in most forms is also optional. By opting out of any form, the form is not completed, and the request for service or inquiry might not be completed.

At any time, you may inquire to request an outline of all data that we have collected from you. We are obligated to disclose all information and provide it to you in a timely manner free from any redaction and 100% complete. You may also request an immediate deletion of all of your data which we are obligated to do upon request and immediately.


Where we send your data


All Spam Detection is Internally Handled. We do not send it and do not share it.

Visitor comments and all forms submitted are checked for spam, and are processed by spam-filters operated by Tree of Liberty.